You will probably want to keep track of the number and percentage of invitees who registered and converted to attendees. This statistic can be found under the Email Statistics module.

Viewing the Overall Registration Conversion

1. Click on Statistics under Emails in the left hand navigation:

2. This will load the statistics for all your email campaigns:

On this screen:

  1. The figures indicated by (1) show the number of registrations based on all the campaigns sent.
  2. The figure indicated by (2) shows the conversion percentage based on all the recipients throughout all the campaigns.
  3. The figures in the column indicated by (3) show the number of registrations for each individual campaign.
  4. The figures in the column indicated by (4) show the conversion percentage for each individual campaign. 

Note: The term Registrations under this module refer exclusively to registrations made by clicking on the CTA in the invitation email only. That means that only Converted Attendees and Linked Attendees are taken into account here and not External Attendees.

Viewing the Registration Conversion for Specific Campaigns

To have a more precise figure for the registration conversion numbers and percentage, you can drill down to specific campaigns. For example, you could select and view only your "invitations" campaigns.

To select a specific campaign:

1. Click on the Campaigns Selection dropdown in the top left corner of the Statistics screen:

2. This will open the Campaigns Selection dropdown:

3. Select the list(s) that you want to view and click on the green Apply button:

4. The statistics for the selected campaign(s) will then be loaded:

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